Our Friendly Rules

Covid information:

We are currently unsure if COVID will be a major problem for events this year – we hope not! Use sensitivity and follow any current guidelines – more info nearer event time. If you have symptoms please get tested immediately – it’s still not fun. Respect people’s requirements for personal space etc. There are free tests available to everyone including ‘out of towners’ at various locations: https://www.coronaprover.dk


Learn more about this anti-harrasment program we have implemented at DMC22 – click here

*BMA Guide To Gender Inclusive Events

DMC22 follows the guidelines set out in the *BMA guide and is a gender inclusive event.

An excerpt from the guide: “…Categories within sport are typically based on existing or assumed natural advantages based on gender assigned at birth. A well designed championship race should also reward a competitor based on strategy as much as or more than sheer speed. Gender categories at messenger events exist as a means of promoting the visibility and participation of folks who aren’t cis men more than to provide a category for those deemed ‘naturally’ less able than cis male competitors…”

For more detailed info and the complete guide we urge you to read the full *BMA guide (external link): click here