At this year’s NCMC in Copenhagen we are proud to continue the important work of AwareMess as started at CMWC Basel in 2018. We have prepared a dedicated crew of volunteer folks who will act as the AwareMess team to help create an inclusive, supportive and respectful championship, so we can all have a blast together!

AwareMess is here to facilitate events being held in inclusive ways so everyone in our mess community can experience the fun events championships have to offer without fear of violence/harassment, bullying or discrimination. We do this by providing guidelines for both participants and organizers, and by providing a team of volunteers physically at events who are available for immediate support.

We will be using inclusive language, to refer to our community and will guide you to do the same! Our mess community is racially, ethnically, sexually and gender diverse and we want to avoid language that excludes anyone in our community on these bases. AwareMess is here to support folks in our mess community who have been made to feel unwelcome and unsafe and thereby excluded in the past.

You can spot our AwareMess team by the special AwareMess vests they wear. Please come talk to us if you need any kind of support around a discriminatory incident, if you feel/felt unsafe, someone isn’t respecting your No’s etc. We are fun, funny – here for a good time and stoked to create a safer and more supportive championship!

– Ask permission before you post pictures of others on social media, or share private info

– Avoid commenting on your perception of people’s capabilities or bodies

– Use inclusive language, (and if you need help with this reach out to us)

– Get a verbal ‘yes’ for consent around physical touch