Main Race


You will need a helmet, messenger bag, lock, pen, phone (to take photos) and a way of telling the time.

Roughly 3hrs long.

Whenever you finish a manifest, bring it to HQ to exchange it for a new manifest.

Your manifest will not be accepted at HQ if it does not have a name written on it.

Your final score will be based on points and the time you finish.

It is an open course, therefore you should always be careful of pedestrians, motorists and other cyclists sharing the same space as us.

You ride at your own risk, please be mindful of yourself and others at all times.

Treat checkpointers and volunteers with respect at all times. If any behaviour is deemed unacceptable you will be disqualified from the race.

Checkpoints 01-08 will close for 5 minutes every hour.

Locations – Google Maps App – CLICK

Closing Times: (HQ open ALWAYS)
Checkpoint 01 CLOSED: **:00 – **:05 – BIKE MUST BE LOCKED
Checkpoint 02 CLOSED: **:10 – **:15
Checkpoint 03 CLOSED: **:20 – **:25
Checkpoint 04 CLOSED: **:30 – **:35
Checkpoint 05 CLOSED: **:35 – **:40
Checkpoint 06 CLOSED: **:40 – **:45
Checkpoint 07 CLOSED: **:50 – **:55 – BIKE MUST BE LOCKED
Checkpoint 08 CLOSED: **:55 – **:00