A guide, some info about how to tourist, and how to avoid trouble etc.

Getting Around:

Despite its 1000-year history, the city is relatively easy and intuitive to navigate. With the exception of Frederiksberg (a city within the city), all city streets ‘start’ from Kongens Nytorv, with house numbers ascending (odd numbers on the left, even numbers on the right).

Christiania / Green Light District:

It’s not ‘legal’ to buy, smoke or carry weed: You can get a hefty fine. Cops have started targeting buyers and conducting stop-and-searches around the entrances to Christiania. Head towards the lake and further north if you want to explore the ’real’ hippie utopia freetown of Christiania. 1000 residents live here – respect people’s privacy and their homes! The narrow lanes, cobbles and dirt tracks mean it’s easier to explore on foot (Besides, life has a slower pace in Christiania). Christiania ground rules: no violence / no hard drugs / no private cars / no cops.


Although not technically legal, drinking in public is widely accepted in DK. Cheap beers can be bought at any hour for reasonable prices from kiosks/supermarkets. Avoid 7-Eleven’s overpriced 6-packs.

Pant: Don’t crush your cans or break the bottles! That warm tinny you’re nursing is worth money! Most empty cans + bottles can be exchanged at supermarkets for 1-3kr. Look out for the Pant logo. Or give your empty to one of the many people who collect deposits to make a living.

Riding in CPH:

Bike Paths: With around 40% of Copenhageners commuting by bike, the bike lanes can get crowded during rush hour (07-09 + 16-17). Remember to signal and keep right to let the lycra-clad commuter types overtake on the left.

Overtake on the left! Ring your bell(?!), and folks will let you pass. Raise your arm if you’re gonna stop to let the person behind you know. Cyclists suck at shoulder-checking here (too busy texting or whatever)!

Copenhagen Left: boxed turns – at intersections, cyclists are expected to follow a two-stage process: keep right going straight ahead; keep right at the other side of the junction until the junction is clear, at which point you can cross the street to complete your left turn.

Fines: You can get fined up to 1000kr for running a red, riding against traffic, not having two working brakes, riding without lights after dark etc. In saying this, cops don’t target fixed gear bikes so you’ll be alright bringing your sweet brakeless fixie.

Bus stops: At bus stops, cyclists should give way and wait for bus passengers to cross the bike path, unless there is a traffic island where passengers can stand safely and give way to cyclists.

Bike Shops:

Thunderfist, Rentemestervej 35, 2400 Copenhagen NV

Omnium Cargo, Nørrebrogade 200, 2200 København N

Buddha Bikes, Emblasgade 175, 2100 København Ø

ReCycles, Dybbølsgade 59, 1721 København V

Lindhart, Rømersgade 7, 1362 København K

Hafnia, Stefansgade 51a, 2200 København N


Skov Bar, Jagtvej 27, 2200 København N

Brus, Guldbergsgade 29F, 2200 København N

Esromkroen, Esromgade 4B, 2200 København N

Bar, Kronborggade 3, 2200 København N

Lygtens Kro, Lygten 29, 2400 København NV


Ved Siden Af, Vesterbrogade 2B, 1620 København

Underground club with Function One sound system. Throws many good queer nights!
Bumzen, Baldersgade 20, 2200 København

BIPOC run punk collective. Expect all kinds of music.
Jolene, Flæsketorvet 81-85, 1711 København

Bakken, Flæsketorvet 19, 1711 København


Heaps Good Cafe, Fensmarkgade 23, 2200 København N
Great value for Copenhagen and run by messfam friend Anika. Best cafe in town!

King of Kebab, Nørrebrogade 20, 2200 København N

Dürüm Symfoni, Nørrebrogade 104, 2200 København

One of the best in town
Durum Bar, Nørrebrogade 195, 2200 København

One of the best in town
MadGlad, Eskildsgade 13, 1657 København V,

Cheap self-service/buffet cafeteria
Morgenstedet, Fabriksområdet 134, 1440 Christianshavn,

Cheap veggie/vegan café in Christiania
Cafe Kaf – Birkegade 21, 2200 København N,

Vegan + veggie breakfast/brunch.
Nicecream, Elmegade 30, 2200 København N,

Vegan ice cream!
Glean, Ægirsgade 46, 2200 København N,

Vegan Confectionary
Express Pizza, Mimersgade 102, 2200 København N,

Cheap Pizza, Vegan options


St. Peder’s Bageri, Skt. Peders Stræde 29 K. Danish pastries.

The Thursday special Torsdagshorn is a messenger institution
Meyer’s Bageri, Jægersborggade 9 N / Gl. Kongevej 103 F.,

Organic, amazingly good Danish pastries
Landbageriet, Frederiksborggade 29, 1360 København K,

Bread and Cakes. Plenty vegan options
Hart Bageri – Gammel Kongevej 109, 1850 Frederiksberg

One of the best bakeries in town
Juno the Bakery, Århusgade 48, 2100 København

Good Coffee:

Heimdalsgade 22 N, Excellent coffee + 2nd hand vinyl.

Heaps Good Cafe, Fensmarkgade 23, 2200 København N

Coffee Collective – Godthåbsvej 34b F / Torvehallerne K / Jægersborggade 10 N,

A must-visit for coffee connoisseurs!
Democratic Coffee – Krystalgade 15 K,

Amazing espresso
Risteriet – Studiestræde 36 K, A Latin Quarter institution. Nitrogen iced coffee, anyone?

Swim Spots:

Behind Miljøstyrelsen, behind Strandgade 29 K. A messenger institution: secluded but central.

Cirkelbroen, Applebys Plads. Typical after-work-dip spot

Svanemøllen, Strandpromenaden / Dessaus Blvd. Ø. 400m north of the beach is a nice wooden jetty.

Nordhavnstippen, Østersøvej Ø. Perfect sunset spot right at the tip of Nordhavn port.

Amager Strandpark, Amager Strandvej S, 4km long sandy beach with winding paths, dunes and cafés.

Islands Brygge, Overcrowded with obnoxious folks w/boomboxes!

Dansk Glossary:

Øl – Beer

Wienerbrød – Danish pastry

Pølsevogn – Hot-dog stand

Cykelbud – Bike courier

Ladcykel – Cargo bike

Ensrettet – One-Way

Lorteøen – Amager

Skål! – Cheers!

Max Ud!! – Chistole

Tømmermænd – Hangover

Tak – Thanks